Angel Of Victory Statue

The myth of the goddess of victory

angel of victory statue

This is the angel of victory statue Nick. It is an Outdoor Angel Statues. Nick is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, and her counterpart in Roman mythology is Victoria.

She is the daughter of the Titan gods Pallas and Styx, and the sister of Kratos (power), BIA (strength) and zerus (zeal). They are all companions of the main god Zeus. Although she was born into the Titan family, she still stood by the side of Olympus in the Titan war and brought victory to them.

Her classic image is that she has a pair of wings, a strong body, and elegant clothes, like wandering down from the sky. Her full body reveals strength and health under her thin shirt, showing victory and joy. When she was the slave God of Zeus and Athena, she had no wings. Later, when she became the goddess of victory, she added wings. In the traditional description, Nick often has wings and has amazing speed, but he has no other special strength.

angel of victory statue

The goddess of victory is the embodiment of victory. Wherever she goes, victory will follow. She holds a palm stick in one hand and an olive ring in the other. She will always hover around the winner in the competition. And she not only symbolizes the victory of the war, but also represents the success of many fields in the daily life of the Greeks, especially in the field of competitive sports. Therefore, she is regarded as a Goddess who brings good luck and is often the object of artistic works. In works of art, she is usually assimilated with other gods. For example, sculptors in ancient Greece usually portrayed her as a small winged figure, resting on the arm of another God, or sticking out of the clothes of a companion God, or flying high in the sky like a fairy.

Details of victory angel statue

angel of victory statue

This angel of victory statue was made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. The goddess of victory fell on a high platform in a long skirt, beautiful curly hair wrapped behind her. It showing her noble temperament. A pair of delicate wings behind her have very clear feather texture, showing delicate feather details. She looked forward with a smile and held the olive wreath in one hand, as if it was the highest honor given to the winner.

This angel of victory statue not only vividly portrays the details and soft texture of the clothing of the goddess of victory, but also vividly portrays her beautiful and elegant posture, body movements and expressions. The beautiful image of the goddess of victory will perfectly display around us.

Th  large outdoor stone angel statues is very sacred and full of classical culture. It is not only the decoration of garden and square , but also as the highest honor symbol for winner. Of course, placing it in your private garden or courtyard is also a kind of protection for you to win.

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