Catholic Church Jesus Statue

Jesus, the founder of Christianity

catholic church jesus statue

Catholic church jesus statue is common in life. Jesus is the founder of Christianity, also known as Christ. According to the Bible, Virgin Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit and gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. Jesus is the son of the LORD God. He began to preach at the age of 30. Later, he was accused by Caiaphas, the Jewish priest, and was crucified after being judged by Pontius Pilate, the governor of Rome in the province of Judea. Three days later, he resurrected and then ascended to heaven. Christians believe that Jesus will come again to give believers eternal life.

God loved the world so much that he gave his only son to them, so that everyone who believed in him would not perish, but would have eternal life. For God sent his son into the world not to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Those who believe in him are not condemned. The unbeliever condemned, because he does not believe in the God’s only son. When the light came into the world, the people of the world did not love the light, but loved the darkness because of their evil deeds. This is where they were condemned. Whoever does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds reproached. But he that doeth the truth shall come to light, that he may manifest that he doeth by God.

Jesus has many miraculous signs in front of his disciples. These miraculous signs intended to convince you that Jesus is the Christ and the son of God, and that if you believe in him, you can live in his name.

In order to commemorate Jesus, the world will commemorate Jesus in the form of sculptures. In our life, we can see Jesus crucifixion sculpture, Jesus in childhood, holy family statue… These sculptures show its miracles and his sacred status in the hearts of saints.

catholic church jesus statue

Detail of catholic church jesus statue

catholic church jesus statue

This catholic church jesus statue is carefully made by our Arturban sculpture factory for our customers. He is a devout believer. He believes that Jesus will hear their hearts when they pray and save them. This sculpture is his custom-made sculpture in memory of Jesus.

This lifelike statue of Jesus is looking up at the sky with his hands outstretched. Jesus stood there elegantly in a fine robe, like a refined gentleman. He looked up at the sky with his hands open, as if he were receiving the baptism of heaven, meeting the task given by heaven and saving people in distress. His smiling face gave people great comfort and encouragement, and spread the gospel to them. When the kingdom of heaven comes, repenters and believers will enjoy blessings and eternal life. This statue symbolizes his strong willpower and immortal great achievements, and indicates that all people will miss him forever.

This sculpture placed in churches, gardens, courtyards… It is a very holy existence. When devout saints pass by it or pray around it, the Almighty Jesus will surely hear their prayers at the first time and bring down blessings.

christian sculpture

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