God Shiva Statue

Shiva, one of the three main gods in India

This is a God Shiva statue. Shiva, one of the three main gods of Hinduism, is called together with Brahma and Vishnu. His spouse is the goddess of the snow mountain, his son is the Ganesh and Skanda, and her daughter is the Aśokasundarī. Shiva is the God of the universe and destruction. It is one of the most revered gods in India, and its followers (Siva sect) regard it as the highest god.

Shiva is the God of asceticism. He practices asceticism all the year round in the kalasa mountain in the Himalayas, that is, Mount Kailash in Pulan County, Tibet. Through the most rigorous asceticism and the most thorough meditation, he obtains the most profound knowledge and magical power.

God Shiva statue

Shiva is also the God of dance. He likes to dance when he is happy and sad. And creates two kinds of dances, rigid and soft. He is the king of dance. The dance symbolizes the glory of Shiva and the eternal movement of the universe. The movement is to make the universe immortal. But at the end of an era, he completed the destruction of the world by dancing the dance of tandava and merged it into the world spirit. Shiva with dancing posture is “dancing king”, which is one of the most popular images of Shiva in ancient India.

Details of the statue of Shiva of the holy God

God Shiva statue

In Hindu statues, Shiva usually dressed as a yogi, covered with gray, with a bun on her hair, a crescent moon on her head, a long snake around her neck, a skeleton on her chest, a tiger skin around her waist, and a trident, axe, tambourine, stick or deer in her four hands. He has a third eye on his forehead, which can spray divine fire and burn everything to ashes. It is said that the God of love, Gama, disturbed Shiva during her ascetic practice. The fire from Shiva’s third eye burned the God of love to the bone. But the God of love did not die, only had no body. Therefore, love is invisible.

Among many other interesting details, there is a skeleton on the crown of the God’s treasure, and a crescent moon. It symbolizes Shiva’s presence in the universe in stages, even when hidden. In his hair bun mixed with the ashes of the dead, Shiva inherited the Ganges River from the sky – a miniature statue of the Ganges goddess stood on his right hair. She is a mixed Mermaid with a female upper body and a Mocaro lower body. This kind of symbolism is endless. For the believers of Shiva, this holy image is explaining the compassion and power of the dancing creator and destroyer of the universe.

The God Shiva statue is very sacred and is revered by countless devout believers. The image of Shiva God who respects meditation is very lifelike. It not only vividly depicts the facial expression, body movements, clothing patterns and other details of Shiva God, but also uses the color of bronze when coloring, so that the lifelike image of Shiva God is showing in front of us. This statue will be a sacred statue of devout believers in their homes, courtyards and temples. It will help you in your life. we still has other hindu god for your reference such as Dancing Nataraja Statue.

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