Life Size Bronze Lion Statue

Symbol of the lion

Life Size Bronze Lion Statue

This is a life size bronze lion Statue. The lion is known as the king of all animals in nature. It is a common auspicious animal and a symbol of authority. It is the embodiment of wisdom, strength and courage, and also represents kingship and peace. In Christianity, the lion can be good or bad, but it represents authority and power for good or bad. Since the beginning of civilization, the image of the lion has been used to symbolize majesty, awe and auspicious peace. According to some legends, the white lion is an emissary from God and ensures peace and prosperity. More and more people love the lion statue for driveway.

The lion has a very good moral, and it also comes from its important position in nature. The lion is the second largest cat after the tiger, and is the “king of the forest”. No matter what form of lion represents the same moral, it plays the role of exorcising evil and protecting. Its ferocious momentum and majestic posture show its momentum as a king. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that there was a lion guarding the sun. The claws of the lion were three inches long, about the length of a human finger.

Life Size Bronze Lion Statue

Life Size Bronze Lion Statue

Life Size Bronze Lion Statue

Life size bronze lion statue is a strong male lion statue standing on the grass, looking at the distance with its head sideways, roaring loudly with his mouth open, making it full of a sense of dignity. It has a strong sense of muscle and strength. The whole is powerful and magnificent, the shape is more powerful, and the eyes are sharp and vivid, giving people a sense of dignity and solemnity. It seems to be telling others that no one can shake its kingship.

This lion bronze statue is made by Arturban sculpture foundry using the traditional wax loss method. Through the exquisite artistic skills of sculpture production, it gives new life to the lion sculpture, retains various subtle details of the sculpture, and clearly shows the lion shape and the texture of strong muscles in a more vivid image, showing a beautiful sculpture image. Its structure and shape are simple, the lines are fluent, the classical metal color is strong, and the artistic sense is strong. It gives people a noble and elegant temperament, and we can appreciate its beauty for a long time.

As a ferocious animal, no matter what posture it shows, its momentum makes us respect. This sculpture not only has the beautiful meaning of exorcising evil and protecting peace, but also has the wild beauty of a mighty lion. They are very suitable for family yard front door and garden decoration. Its powerful momentum makes people afraid, as if it would rush to the enemy at any time. Its mission is to protect the family. When it roars, it is demonstrating to the bad guys and drive the bad guys away with its momentum. It can also beautify the environment and add the wild beauty of nature to your environment.

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