Outdoor Bronze Horse Statue

Horses have an indelible mark in the long river of history

Outdoor Bronze Horse Statue

This is the outdoor bronze horse statue. Horse’s graceful figure and gait, and its energy and spirit have always been the objects that artists are keen to express. In the history of art, there are a large number of excellent works expressing horse.

In Western art, they have become the closest partner of mankind. Greek mythology, there are many gods related to horses, such as unicorns with long horns on their foreheads, Pegasus with two wings, and Centaur, who is half man and half horse. Horses have divine symbols. The frieze of the nave of the Parthenon temple in the Acropolis of Athens shows the parade scene of the “Pan Athena Festival” in ancient Greece, and the jubilant horses highlight the festive atmosphere.

Outdoor Bronze Horse Statue

There are four bronze war horses on the platform of the facade of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. They were originally works of the classical Greek period and have been displayed in the arena of Constantinople. They should be cast to commemorate the victory of the horse drawn chariot race. In ancient Rome, since the time of Caesar, there was a tradition of making horse riding statues for emperors. Therefore, the horse is still a hero on the battlefield and a mount of the emperor. It holds its head high and its chest high. It is very vigorous, showing the image of a magnificent horse riding statue.

In the 20th century, many modernist artists chose simplified formal language, and paintings and sculptures gradually became abstract. However, not all artists have abandoned the image. For example, Franz marke, a German expressionist painter, and Marino Marini, an Italian sculptor, have all taken horses as the objects of expression. Horses have also shown a rich and colorful appearance in the hands of artists of different periods and styles.

The status of outdoor bronze horse statue

Outdoor Bronze Horse Statue

In the era of continuous progress of horse culture, the image of horse sculpture has become more and more rich. Under the effect of different materials, the images of various horses are various and play a very important role in various occasions. The horse has its own value, strength, speed and role in human life that is different from other animals. People show different forms of horses to form the horse’s plastic art. Moreover, the horse has long taken auspiciousness as its core value, which includes blessings, prayers, encouragement, success and other symbolic meanings. It has also accumulated some positive factors of the ancient martial spirit of the Western European nations, which has been inherited to the present and still represents the Gentlemanliness and elegance.

This is a very distinctive outdoor bronze horse statue made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. The handsome and tall jumping horse sculpture is full of classical metal color. Its two front hoofs are raised high, and the black and bright horse mane and tail are lifted with the wind. It looks elegant natural, and very beautiful. The lifted posture is elegant and graceful. There is a momentum of ten thousand horses galloping and roaring. The magnificent momentum brings us visual enjoyment. It is a good choice to put it in gardens, squares, theme parks, zoos and other places. It will be an eye-catching existence.

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