Per Adriano sculpture

Igor Mitoraj, a sculptor seeking inspiration in the ancient Greek legend

The famous Per Adriano sculpture is the art work of Igor Mitoraj. He is a sculpture artist from Poland, is one of the most famous sculptors in Europe. His sculptures have played a very important role in reviving ancient art and modern innovation. His works can be found in dozens of museums, foundations and the headquarters of the largest companies in the world.

Ancient times is one of the main sources of inspiration for artists. His sculptures directly refer to Greek and Roman mythology and history, sometimes included in the title: Icarus, Centaurus, Eros, Mars, Gorgon, Pasachoisaka. As art critics have pointed out, while evoking the beauty and perfect proportion of classical sculptures, Mitorai reinterprets them in a contemporary way. He visualized the imperfection of human nature by deliberately destroying and destroying the surface of the statue.

For Mitoraj, the culture and art of the ancient Greeks were supreme. Mitoraj recalls the past, that is, the past before modernism. They don’t want to have anything to do with the language of steel, glass and geometry. Their ideal world lies in the past. However, the sculpture of this internationally active sculptor is modern. None of his sculptures is complete. Mitoraj only showed us the fragments. He did it in a big format. As if they were fragments of a lost civilization. These broken ideals contain beautiful meanings.

Details of Per Adriano sculpture

Mitoraj’s style is now recognized by art lovers around the world. The lips of the sculpture always have the shape of the artist, which is one of the characteristics of his works and an informal “signature”.

This is a classic sculpture by the famous Finnish sculptor Gol mitoraj. The face of “per Adriano” created in 1993 and is now located in Madeira square in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

This Per Adriano sculpture is carefully made by Arturban sculpture foundry for our customers. We not only display the details and artistic effects of the sculpture vividly, but also shape the fragmentary beauty and delicate facial features of the sculpture into a very realistic image. There is a raised stone on one side of its face, as if to support the whole face. The sexy lips, raised nose and delicate eyes are just right.

This classic Per Adriano sculpture is a very wonderful art in gardens, squares, urban centers… These outdoor places. It presents people with the artistic effect of classical aesthetics, which is impressive. At the same time, this sculpture allows us to feel the beauty of fragment culture given by Mitoraj.

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