Transport & Installation

1. Transport

No matter which country you are in, we have professional shipping agent with various shipping channels, including sea transportation, air transportation, railway and truck services. They can provide professional transportation services according to the sculpture size, cost budget and timeliness requirements.

  • 1. Confirm Address

     Confirm the specific address you want the sculpture to be shipped to

  • 2. Inquiry

    Inquiry shipping charge and shipping way according sculpture size, timelinee requirements!

  • 3. Confirm Shipping Way

    Confirm the final shipping way with customer.

  • 4. Make Package

    we will make pakage according to freight agent's requirements

  • 5. Delivered


2. Installation

Arturban sculpture provides installation services. For medium-sized and large-scale sculptures, we will have the supervisor of the engineering department to assist in the installation at the sculpture site. Please check our installation service process.

  • 1. Confirm Installation Time

    The finished sculpture products are reviewed and accepted by the customer, and the factory acceptance sheet is signed to determine the installation time;

  • 2. Arrange Worker

    Within the agreed time, the sculpture will be transported to the installation site, and professional worker will arrive at the same time to participate in the installation

  • 3. Finish Installation

    For medium and large sculptures, auxiliary tools are needed for collaborative installation;

  • 4. Review the project

    After the completion of transportation and installation, customer shall review and sign the acceptance form.