About Arturban Sculpture Supplier

Arturban sculpture supplier has been committed to the creation of public art and project over 30 years. With our own experienced design team and our own sculpture manufacturer. We can provide the best solution according to your project budget and requirements. To discuss your project, please email: [email protected]

Quanlity Control

Arturban sculpture supplier has a strict quality control, from clay mold, sculpture casting to color making. We will try our best to provide customers with the best service and quality.

Fine Clay Mold

Fine Clay Mold

Clay mold is the most important step in sculpture making, even the soul of sculpture. because our final sculpture will be 100% exactly the same as the clay mold. Clay master from Arturban sculpture supplier have rich experience and are very familiar with the structure and texture of figure and animals. Our clay sculpture masters will spend a lot of time to sculpt sculptures. Every fine line is different in skin texture. The sculptures made in this way are artistic, realistic and lifelike.

Advanced casting technique

Arturban sculpture supplier use the advanced lost waxing casting method, which make sculpture completely show the small patterns. also with the skilled welding and polishing technology, the sculpture will never deformed, in this way, the sculpture lines are natural and beautiful.

Advanced casting technique
Make Patina

Make Patina

Color is an important aspect of reflecting the quality of bronze sculptures. Arturban sculpture supplier has professional color colorists and skilled color matching techniques, which can make the final sculptures eye-catching among many sculptures


Statue of Arturban Sculpture Supplier

Arturban sculpture supplier are very professional in customizing various large statues, including large animal statue, buddha statue, angel statue, mermaid statue, fountain, memorial statue, custom statue etc, You can send us your design, let’s start your project cases.

Service from Arturban Sculpture Supplier

Arturban sculpture supplier can offer various statue design, high quality artwork, cost-saving competitive price, door to door shipping service etc.

Our Project Cases

Arturban sculpture supplier has cooperated with 2000+ customers from all over the world. We will share you our project cases.