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Custom Made Statue Project Cases

What Can We Do?

Arturban sculpture supplier can custom statues as your design, Whether you are a private garden, square, zoo, shopping mall or street decoration. Our team will make a production plan, according to your design, budget, delivery time, or any other service. Our final aim is to supply high quality and cost-saving sculpture efficiently.

custom real person statue

Custom Real Person Statues

We’ve received a lot of requests from our customers. They want to make a custom sculpture for their lost family or idol. In this way, they can cherish the beautiful memories brought by their relatives or idols and show their respect and important position in their minds. A good artist not only needs to have abundant practical experience, but also requires amazing talents. There are excellent artists in Arturban. They have 30 years of rich experience and they are good at making real person statute. Our artists always communicate with their customer to know more about the characteristics and hobby of the customer’s family when they are going to make real family sculpture. Whether it is the expression of the characters, or tiny to every wrinkle, our artists can make it lifelike.

Custom Celebrity Statues

There are so many celebrities around us, and their news has been flooded in the public view through the media all the time. Whether they are athletes, stars, or political leaders, they inspire us all the time. They have great influence on us. Different statues of famous people are often seen on the street, in individual homes and in some public places. Arturban is very professional in customizing these celebrity sculptures, because celebrities are evaluated and appreciated from the different perspective in everyone’s mind. Our artists spend a lot of time and energy to consult the history and family background of the customized celebrities every time they make a real person sculptures. Therefore, our celebrity sculptures are highly recognized and evaluated by customers every time.

Custom Celebrity Statues
custom animal statues

Custom Animal Statues

As human’s friend, animals not only make the world more colorful, but also keep the whole biological chain balanced. We can see all kinds of animal everywhere, such as the pet dog at home, various animals in animal zoo, the monkeys jumping on the mountains when we climb the mountain to keep fit, and animals living freely in the forest. Animals leave different impressions in people’s mind. For example, the eagle stands for ambition and freedom; the tiger represents power, enthusiasm and daring; deer symbolize health and love; horses represent purity, passion, agility and elegance. So whether you want to put a huge animal sculpture in the square as part of the culture of the city, or you want to make a sculpture for your pet as a gift or to commemorate and remember the beauty it brings to us. Arturban can be done for you.

Custom Memorial Statues

Sculptures is a kind of art works and also a part of urban architecture. In fact, sculpture is ubiquitous in our life. Nowadays, life sculpture which is closely related to us is increasingly coming into the public’s view. The same is true of urban sculpture as a symbol and sign of a city. The Statue of Liberty sculpture, broken arms Venus, and so on. They have become the cultural symbol of each city. Whether it is a war sculpture or a large-scale urban sculpture designed by itself, Arturban can complete it through its own professional design team, manufacturing plant, transportation and installation. We can make it according to your requirements, even 30-meter-high sculptures.

Custom Memorial Statues

The Project We Are Making

Japanese samurai sculpture
Stephen Curry statue
Stephen Curry statue
st jude statue
real person statue

Our Advantage

  • 1

    Various Designs

    We have many horse statue designs, we can offer you for reference. You can choose the style you love and save your design cost.

  • 2

    High Quality Artwork

    Arturban sculpture supplier use the advanced lost waxing casting method, which make sculpture completely show the small patterns. also with the skilled welding and polishing technology, the sculpture will never deformed, in this way, the sculpture lines are natural and beautiful.

  • 3

    Cost-saving Competitive Price

    By Running our own factories in China which decreases our production cost a lot. We are factory direct selling, without any middlemen to earn the price difference. You can tell us your budget and requirement, We can make a production plan according to your budget

  • 4

    Custom Made Service

    Arturban sculpture supplier can produce the high quality sculpture according to your design or image,  you can show us your idea, we will have professional project manager to communicate with you. We can custom sculpture in any design and size( small or huge) you want

Quality Control

  • Fine Clay Mold

    Fine Clay Mold

    Clay mold is the most important step in sculpture making, even the soul of sculpture. because our final sculpture will be 100% exactly the same as the clay mold. Clay master from Arturban sculpture supplier have rich experience and are very familiar with the structure and texture of figure and animals. The sculptures made in this way are artistic, realistic and lifelike.

  • Advanced casting technique

    Advanced casting technique

    Arturban sculpture supplier use the advanced lost waxing casting method, which make sculpture completely show the small patterns. also with the skilled welding and polishing technology, the sculpture will never deformed, in this way, the sculpture lines are natural and beautiful.

  • Make Patina

    Make Patina

    Color is an important aspect of reflecting the quality of bronze sculptures. Arturban sculpture supplier has professional color colorists and skilled color matching techniques, which can make the final sculptures eye-catching among many sculptures


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