Pegasus Statue for Sale

Item No: PAFH-108
Size: life size or custom as your requirement
Material: Resin/ Fiberglass
Color: Same as Picture (Other can be oil painted or electroplated)
Wall Thickness: 5-10 mm
MOQ: 1 Pcs ( Pls contact us for the accurate information)
Producing Time: 15-30 Days for Produce, 7-30 Days for Delivery
Design: We also supply custom-made service based our customers’ requests
Package: Strong wooden crate with waterproof and shockproof foam inside
Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly

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1.Introduction of pegasus statue for sale

This pegasus statue for sale is creative. It presents an elegant and mysterious image of a Pegasus. The Pegasus raised its front hooves
high, with a graceful and confident posture, as if ready to take off at any time. The wings spread out, like a soaring bird, emitting a
breath of freedom and power. The surface of the sculpture is smooth and delicate, and the fiberglass material gives it a precious texture
and luster, making the entire sculpture appear magnificent and radiant. The detailed textures and lines outline the horse’s muscles and
body curves, adding realism and artistic beauty to the sculpture.

Pegasus, as a symbol in mythology, represents freedom, strength, and courage, and this sculptural image can bring a sense of motivation
and encouragement to people. The exterior design of the fiberglass Pegasus sculpture is full of artistic tension and charm, allowing people
to feel the beauty and power contained in it when appreciating.

Fiberglass Pegasus Garden Statue are suitable for decoration in various places. It can be used to decorate public spaces, such as parks, squares,
or urban landscapes, bringing art and beauty to people. At the same time, it can also become a decoration for commercial buildings, shopping
centers, or hotel lobbies, adding a touch of flexibility and grandeur to the environment. The unique image and bright appearance of Pegasus
sculpture can attract people’s attention and become the focus and highlight of the venue. It can create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere,
bringing joy and surprise to people. Whether indoors or outdoors, fiberglass Pegasus sculptures can add an artistic atmosphere to the space,
creating a unique and exciting visual experience.

pegasus statue for sale pegasus statue for sale pegasus statue for sale pegasus statue for sale pegasus statue for sale

2. Production Process of pegasus statue for sale

Step1 Design Communication:  You supply us with several photographs with dimensions.
Step 2 Project Consultation: Our team will make a production plan, according to your design, budget,
delivery  time,  or any other service. Our final aim is to supply high quality and cost-saving   sculpture efficiently.
Step 3 Confirm Mold: We will make 1:1 clay or 3D mold,when finished clay mold,i will take photos for your
reference. The clay mold can modify any details till to your satisfaction.
Step 4 Carving and Polish: We will carving with natural marble according to clay mold. Then polished.
Step 5 Package: Strong wooden crate with waterproof and shockproof foam inside.

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