Pregnant Woman statue

Item No: MJNR-138
Material: Bronze/ Brass/ Copper
Size: life size, or custom as your requirement
Wall Thickness: 5-6mm (can be adjusted depends on the size of sculpture)
Producing Time: About 30-50 days after receiving your order
Technology: Lost-Wax Casting Process
Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly
Custom Made Service: We have our own 3D/drawing design team and artist clay master,we can produce all kinds of high quality art sculptures with right material according to your drawing or pictures.

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1.Introduction of pregnant woman statue

This is the bronze pregnant woman statue. This monument portrays the precious emotions of maternal love and family
in a deeply moving image. A pregnant woman with a raised belly and a gentle smile symbolizes the conception of life and
the strength of her mother. The man, on the other hand, knelt devoutly by her side, caressing his pregnant belly with both
hands, exuding full love and anticipation. The sculpture delicately depicts the expressions of pregnant women and men,
revealing joy and happiness in their eyes, which is touching. The sculpture is simple and generous, integrated with modern
Elements of art, giving people a cordial feeling and resonance. This monument passionately conveys the warmth and happiness
of families, and also allows people to feel the precious meaning of love and life amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Monument pregnant woman sculptures are usually placed in parks, hospitals, maternity institutions, or important community
places for decoration. These places are closely related to pregnancy and life, and sculptures displayed here can express respect
and praise for pregnant women and maternal love. In parks, sculptures can serve as a backdrop for leisure walks, allowing people
to experience the beauty of maternal love in a natural atmosphere. In hospitals or maternity institutions, sculptures symbolize the
care and blessings of medical staff for pregnant women and their future lives. No matter where it is placed, such a monument and
pregnant woman sculpture can convey warmth and emotion, becoming an indispensable cultural element in the city.


pregnant woman statue

2. Production process of pregnant woman statue

My artist will make 1:1 clay mold, when finished clay mold. We will take photos for your reference, the clay mold can modify any
details till you satisfied with it. Then we go ahead to make statue, when finished statue, also we will take photos for your reference.
After you satisfied with all, I will arrange packing and shipment. Arturban sculpture can make large memorial statue in bronze, marble,
fiberglass, stainless steel. Our team will make a production plan, according to your design, budget, delivery time, or any other service.
Our final aim is to supply high quality and cost-saving sculpture efficiently.

Process of bronze sculpture

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