Bronze Fisherman Statue

Item No: MJNR-104
Material: Bronze/ Brass/ Copper
Size: life size, or custom as your requirement
Wall Thickness: 5-6mm (can be adjusted depends on the size of sculpture)
Producing Time: About 30-50 days after receiving your order
Technology: Lost-Wax Casting Process
Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly
Custom Made Service: We have our own 3D/drawing design team and artist clay master,we can produce all kinds of high quality art sculptures with right material according to your drawing or pictures.

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1.Introduction of bronze fisherman statue

This bronze fisherman statue is a lifelike artwork that captures the true emotions and power of fisherman life. In the sculpture, an old fisherman is vividly presented to the audience. He rolled up his pants legs and showed a vigorous posture, wearing a straw hat to block out the sunlight. He was holding a net in his hand and was making a move to cast it. This moment was frozen in the sculpture, as if telling the story of his life and hard work.


The exterior design of the sculpture is very exquisite, with every detail carved to life. The wrinkles of the old fisherman, the strength between his fingers, and even the wrinkles at the hem of his pants all demonstrate the artist’s outstanding skills. The expression of the sculpture is vivid, as if one can see the firmness and wisdom in his eyes. The details of the straw hat and fishing net are also excellent, making the entire sculpture more vivid and interesting.


In addition to its exquisite craftsmanship, this bronze fisherman statue also has high decorative value. It can be placed in public spaces, gardens, courtyards, or fishing village scenic spots, adding a strong fishing village atmosphere to the environment. The image of fishermen conveyed by the sculpture can also resonate with people, allowing viewers to appreciate it while also generating respect and respect for workers.


In terms of production, Bronze Fisherman Sculpture adopts durable materials, ensuring its long-term preservation and ornamental value. During the production process, the artist utilized advanced sculpture techniques to give the sculpture a high degree of realism and three-dimensional feel. In addition, the color treatment of the sculpture is also quite meticulous, making the entire work more vivid through delicate coloring.

bronze fisherman statue


2. Production process of bronze fisherman statue

My artist will make 1:1 clay mold. When finished clay mold,  we will take photos for your reference. The clay mold can modify any details till to your satisfactions with it. Then we go ahead to make statue. When finished statue, also we will take photos for your reference, after your satisfactions, I will arrange packing and shipment. Arturban sculpture can make fisherman statue in bronze, marble, fiberglass, stainless steel. Our team will make a production plan, according to your design, budget, delivery time, or any other service. Our final aim is to supply high quality and cost-saving sculpture efficiently.

Process of bronze sculpture

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