Goddess Of Justice Statue

The ancient legend of the goddess of Justice

goddess of justice statue

This is the goddess of justice statue. The origin of the goddess of justice is in ancient Greek mythology. In ancient Greek mythology, the name of the goddess of justice was Themis, the daughter of heaven and earth. She often held a balance in her hand. Later, the goddess of justice combined with Zeus, the God of all gods, and gave birth to a daughter, Dick, to help her take charge of law, order and justice. Dick is a beautiful girl with a sword in her hand.

The Romans accepted the Greek gods and mixed them with the Roman gods, creating many new gods. They combined the images of Themis and Dick, and named it Justia. She held a balance in one hand and a sword in the other. The famous German jurist Rudolf Von Yering once had a very penetrating exposition “The goddess of justice holds a balance in one hand to measure the law, and a sword in the other hand to defend the law. If the sword does not carry a balance, it is naked violence; if the balance does not carry a sword, it means weakness. The two complement each other. Only when the strength of the goddess of justice holding a sword and the skill of holding a balance go hand in hand, can a perfect state of rule of law prevail.”

goddess of justice statue

The goddess of justice was blindfolded. Why? This is because the Romans wanted to give the goddess of justice two new meanings: first, everyone is equal before the law; Second, we should observe and judge with our hearts. Legal trial is about justice. The judge cannot be blinded by appearances and cannot be influenced by any force other than “justice”. This is the meaning of the goddess of justice blindfolded.

Details of the goddess of justice statue

goddess of justice statue

This goddess of justice statue is made by the Arturban sculpture foundry. It depicts the exquisite and elegant statue of the goddess of justice. She is wearing beautiful clothes, blindfolded, holding a sword in one hand and a balance in the other. Like just women soldiers, always ready to fight. The snake at her feet did not affect her movements at all. And it represents stepping on the image of all evil factors. In this sculpture, She is blindfolded. Because justice relies solely on reason, not on the wrong sensory impression; The balance is a metaphor for fair judgment. In the face of justice, everyone gets his value, no more or less. The sword means that the sanctions are severe and will not be tolerated; Snake and dog represent hatred and friendship respectively. Neither of them should affect the referee.

The greek goddess sculpture is an indispensable attribute of law enforcement or judicial personnel. Therefore, the statues of the goddess of justice are not only in the judicial building and the judicial office, but also in their homes, desks, gardens, etc. as decorations, which are not only very sacred, but also a very beautiful decorations.

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