Stainless Steel Outdoor Fountain

Item No:  AFBM-074
Material: Resin/fiberglass/Stainless steel
Size: Life size, or custom as your requirement
Wall Thickness: 5-6mm (can be adjusted depends on the size of sculpture)
Producing Time: About 30 days after receiving your order
Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly
Custom Made Service: We have our own 3D/drawing design team and artist clay master,we can produce all kinds of high quality art sculptures with right material according to your drawing or pictures.

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1. Introduction of stainless steel outdoor fountain

This is a stainless steel outdoor fountain. It is a common modern public art work. This sculpture is based on the shape of the number “8”
and is made of stainless steel material. The shape of this sculpture is simple and clear, like a mathematical notation, implying the
possibility of infinite continuity. Stainless steel material has advantages such as corrosion resistance, rust prevention, and high temperature
resistance, making it suitable for outdoor display and easy to maintain.

The water flow design of fountain sculptures is also an important feature of this type of sculpture. The water flow design sprays water from
the top of the sculpture, creating a beautiful flow that flows outward. This water flow pattern not only brings people a beautiful visual
experience, but also brings a sense of coolness and vitality to the city. In addition, the water flow design of this fountain sculpture can also
achieve effects such as purifying air and increasing humidity, bringing a better ecological environment to the city.

Abstract Water Feature, as a public art work, not only has aesthetic value, but also has a strong decorative effect. It can become a landmark
building in public places, attract tourists’ attention, and enhance the cultural taste and image of the city. At the same time, fountain sculptures
can also add a fresh touch of color to the city and increase the interactive experience between citizens and tourists. In the scorching summer
season, the cool water flow of the fountain sculpture can also provide a place for citizens to rest, alleviate the hot atmosphere of the city, and
bring comfort to urban residents. Therefore, stainless steel fountain sculpture is not only a work of art, but also an important decorative element
of urban landscape and public space, which has positive significance for the beautification and enhancement of the city.

stainless steel outdoor fountain stainless steel outdoor fountain

2. Production process of stainless steel outdoor fountain

  1. Customers can send us their own designs or advise their detailed requirements.
  2. Our technical team will have a meeting mainly focus on all details.
  3. The engineering team start to do the design after a full discussion and calculation.
  4. During this period, We will send pictures from different views to check with you.
  5. After the final confirmation, we’ll fabricate a small mold, then put into production.

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