Artemis Garden Statue

Artemis, the goddess of hunting

This is artemis garden statue.Artemis, also known as Diana in Roman mythology, is the goddess of hunting in Greek mythology. Artemis symbolizes the purity and beauty of women. She, together with Athena, the half mother goddess of wisdom, and Hestia, the female Kitchen God, are the three goddesses. She is free and independent, loves outdoor life and opposes marriage between men and women. The Artemis temple built for her in Ephesus was later included in one of the eight wonders of the world. Artemis’ favorite animal was elk.

During the day, Apollo drove his own sun god car to spread the sun all over the earth. At night, Artemis drove the moon god car to spread the moon all over the world. Artemis could not help kissing the handsome young man’s face. The young man kissed by Artemis would become a poet, a prophet or have a magical imagination.

The role played by Artemis is complex. Artemis, who was both the goddess of hunting and the moon god in the later period, had a childish face. She often wore short skirts and hunting boots, carried bows and arrows, and was accompanied by deer or hunting dogs. She often portrayed as a beautiful and young girl. In Greek mythology, Artemis has nothing to do with the so-called crescent crown. It was only in Roman times that the moon was showing to her head.

Artemis Garden Statue

Artemis garden statue details

Artemis Garden Statue

Artemis is the goddess of hunting, the goddess of female archery, the goddess of chastity and the goddess of childbirth, the master and protector of wild animals. In the classical period, Artemis was mixed with Selene, the goddess of the moon, and gained the function of the goddess of the moon. Artemis was the God of sunset, moon night, hunting and later midwifery. Artemis is showing in classical art modeling as a tall and beautiful girl with long brown curly hair at the back, wearing a Dorian blouse, holding a silver bow and gold arrow, and often accompanied by a female deer or dog. As a fertility goddess, she also depicted as having many breasts.

This vivid greek goddess sculpture of Artemis is a classic bronze sculpture made by Arturban sculpture foundry. She is the image of a naked young girl, with a slender and symmetrical body and a beautiful appearance. She walked in the mountains with a hunting dog in one hand and a bow and arrow in the other, as if she were ready to shoot at prey at any time. There is a masculine spirit in the feminine beauty. As the goddess of the moon, you will find a curved crescent on its head, which represents the symbol of the goddess of the moon. The bronze metal color fills the image of the hunting goddess with the color of Greek classical deification.

This statue of the hunting goddess is a very classic sculpture in gardens, courtyards, parks and so on. The hunting goddess will be the guardian God and the protector of the surrounding animals. It is the beautiful fantasy of the Greeks on nature and society. Through the elegant and exquisite images of Greek art, it expresses the internal power and endows it with a more ideal and perfect art form. Become a classic in life.

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