Bronze Hippo Statue

Hippo in life

bronze hippo statue

This is a bronze hippo statue. Hippopotamus is an omnivorous freshwater species of Mammalia, which is the largest mouth animal on land. The body is huge, the body is thick and round, the limbs are short, the feet have four toes, the head is large, the eyes and ears are small, the mouth is particularly large, the tail is small, and the skin of the whole body is exposed. It is purple brown. Although the hippo is semi aquatic, it is not good at swimming and cannot float on the water, but it can stay in the water for 4 to 5 minutes. The skin of the hippo needs water, otherwise it will dry and crack.

Hippo’s body is huge and looks very clumsy, but it is this simple and lovely character loved by people. Not only that, hippos also symbolize strength and courage. Hippopotamus live in the wild, so we can not often enjoy the unique shape, but now more and more people like to use hippopotamus sculpture as decoration in life. It is not only cute and interesting in shape, but also has a beautiful meaning.

bronze hippo statue

The bronze hippo statue implies infinite power. Its whole body looks clumsy, but after scientific proof, the hippo runs faster. It symbolizes happiness and peace and brings people good hope and longing.

Bronze Hippo sculpture makes your spiritual world satisfied

bronze hippo statue

This bronze hippo statue is carefully made by our Arturban sculpture foundry and made by our experienced sculptors. They have exquisite skills and adopt the method of wax loss casting to make the sculpture image more realistic and the texture clearer. The huge mouth, strong limbs and interesting ears of the hippo are vividly showing, as if a real Hippo were roaring there. In this sculpture, we use the chemical coloring method to make our work into bronze color, adding the retro beauty to our work.

This lovely bronze hippo statue looks chubby and very cute. The huge hippopotamus sculpture gives people a naive attitude. When you appreciate its posture, you will forget your troubles and be happy. We passed by it. The unique shape made us stop to watch their interesting posture. The free and happy atmosphere infected us, and let us relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. This sculpture is suitable for the garden, which complement each other and add fun to the garden.

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