Bronze Cow Sculpture

The value of cow sculpture

bronze cow sculpture

Bronze cow sculpture is very common among urban animal sculptures. cow sculptures can be seen in many cities. At the same time, animal cattle sculptures are also popular in enterprises, campuses and other places. Cattle represents positive, down-to-earth and continuous progress, and is a model for students and enterprises to learn. At the same time, because the cow easily associated with strength, many sports clubs or sports competitions use it as their team name, benchmarking or mascot.

At present, bronze cow sculpture appears in major cities, of which the most representative is the copper bull on Wall Street. It can be seen that cattle sculpture has been better applied in cities. The shape of the cattle depicted in a superb way. The fine workmanship improves the artistic value of the bronze cattle, and it also has symbolic meaning.

Cow is a symbol of wealth in western culture. According to the records in the book of Exodus, the Israelites did not run away from Egypt long ago. They followed the customs they had heard and seen in Egypt. They used the image of cattle to create a golden calf to worship as the image of the Lord God. Therefore, the golden calf has become a symbol of money and wealth, and the activities of cattle also represent production and value-added. Therefore, the continuous rise of stock prices calls the bull market.

bronze cow sculpture

In Hinduism, the cow is regarded as a sacred animal, because the Indian people in the Ganges River Basin rely heavily on the strength of the cow when farming. Therefore, the cow represents the survival and vitality of the Indians and has become a very important existence.

Details of bronze bull sculpture

bronze cow sculpture

This is a bronze cow sculpture with exquisite shape. It is marching forward on the rocks, representing a bull with fighting spirit. It raising the neck and opening the mouth roaring. The golden horn on its head makes its image more tall and significant. The wine red skin makes it full of strength and energy. It is often seen in gardens, parks, squares, zoos, commercial streets, stock exchanges and other places. Its unique shape brings vitality and vitality to the surrounding environment and adds fun.

This bronze cow sculpture is made by our Arturban sculpture foundry using the traditional wax loss method. It not only vividly displays the features and details of its appearance and shape, but also vividly depicts its action form and muscle details. Moreover, we can see its perfect details from any angle. We use the bronze color making it have a retro flavor, and artistic colors. It will be a perfect art sculpture for outdoor garden sculpture.

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