Elephant Lawn Statuary

Life habits of elephants

elephant lawn statuary

This is an elephant lawn statuary. Elephants have long been friends of mankind and have brought a lot of help to mankind. What are the living habits of elephants?

First of all, elephants are gregarious mammals, usually taking families as a unit. The leader is the female elephant, and the male elephant bears the responsibility of protecting the family. The elephant has two big ears, which not only dissipate heat, but also incite mosquitoes. The long ivory is their powerful weapon and plays a decisive role in fighting. At the same time, it is also a tool for elephants to show off unexpectedly. The longer the teeth, it will be more attractive to female elephant will be. The most conspicuous thing is the huge long nose, which is like a water pipe. It can stretch freely. It is usually bent. The nose end is very deep and can be opened and closed. The nose tip has finger like protrusions, which can pick up fine things. All the strength of the body is on the nose.

elephant lawn statuary

Elephant is also a kind of auspicious animal. People’s love for elephants has never decreased, so elephants are placed at home with good luck and prosperity. People use elephant statue to increase luck of meeting noble people, and help career. It is also good at absorbing water, and water represents wealth. Therefore, elephant lawn statuary placed at home or the company representative takes all the wealth as his own, which means that the business is developed.

Details of elephant lawn statuary

elephant lawn statuary

This elephant lawn statuary is very lifelike, like a real elephant standing there. Its nose seems to be able to stretch freely, curling like a hook. The two big ears are like a fan, as if there are windy when shaking. Its fat body is like a wall, its legs are like four pillars, and its skin has deep gullies, giving people a heavy and invincible feeling. Its two sharp teeth are like two sharp blades. They are good weapons for fighting. In addition, elephant sculpture is mainly used in parks, courtyards, shopping malls and other occasions. It can be selected in any style, realistic modeling, classical metal color and realistic appearance. It is loved by all ages, and people can’t help but stay and take photos.

This elephant lawn statuary is made of high-quality bronze and adopts the lost wax casting process to capture the most detailed carving details. Every detail of it has been carefully carved. There are many folds and gullies on its surface, which are also vividly made by our sculptors. Not only that, the wrinkles and gullies of its blood vessels and skin are also vividly depicted by our sculptures, so this statue is more like a real size standing there. A life size elephant statue can not only show your personality, but also integrate the details of fine art works into your decoration. And elephant sculpture can not only let you enjoy the breath of nature, but also let you enjoy the wild beauty of elephants.

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