Mary And Jesus Sculpture

The relationship between the Virgin Mary and Jesus

This is the mary and jesus sculpture. When Mary was a virgin, she obeyed God, became pregnant with the Holy Spirit. Then gave birth to Jesus. She determined that what she gave birth to was Christ (or Messiah), the son of God. Mary was engaged to St. Joseph at that time. After Joseph married Mary, he accompanied her to Bethlehem, where she gave birth to Jesus.

The relationship between the Virgin Mary and Jesus clearly recorded in the Christian Bible. The image of Mary embracing the baby Jesus is in the hearts of the people, and it is also the representative of the Christmas spirit. Mary’s endless tenderness and merciful maternal love are showing in Jesus.

In the story of Bible, Mary is the Virgin Mary who integrates courage, strength, charity, wisdom, forbearance, obedience and other virtues. She is immortal and respected, not only because she raised a perfect son, but also because she is the embodiment of a perfect woman in the eyes of believers. She is not only the virgin in the eyes of Christian believers, but also the only woman who left her name in the Islamic Koran.

Churches all over the world are named after her. Countless painters and sculptors took her as inspiration to create the image of the virgin in their minds. There are also musicians who have left her famous songs that have been sung so far. The Virgin Mary can be regarded as the most respected woman in history.

mary and jesus sculpture

Sculpture details of the Virgin Mary and Jesus

mary and jesus sculpture

The Virgin Mary has a very important position in the hearts of western people. She is also one of the saints with the most maternal love in the West. This statue of the Virgin Mary depicts the image of the very sacred Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus. The young and beautiful Virgin Mary wears a robe and cloak on her head and a crown representing her noble status. She holds a scepter with a cross in one hand and a young Jesus in the other hand. Jesus holds a holy ball in one hand and points to the sky with the other finger, representing the symbol of the Savior and the son of God. It looks very sacred.

This exquisite mother mary and jesus statue was carefully made by our Arturban sculpture foundry for customers who are devout believers. We used high-quality bronze materials to make it with the classic wax loss sculpture technique, showing the exquisite sculpture details. The beautiful image of the Virgin Mary is the embodiment of purity and nobility. She always maintains the beautiful face of youth. It is her eternal youth and noble image, symbolizing the ideal of human pursuit of beautiful things. The gentle and kind expression expresses the endless maternal love for Jesus.

This sacred mary and jesus sculpture is suitable for churches, gardens, parks… It is an exquisite decoration, the faith of devout believers, the sustenance of spirit. And it is the hopes to get the care of the Virgin Mary, also people’s yearning and prayer for a better life.

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