Flying Mercury Sculpture

The story of mercury

Flying Mercury Sculpture

It is flying mercury sculpture. Mercury was the son of Jupiter, the main god in ancient Roman mythology, and was equivalent to Hermes in ancient Greek mythology. Mercury was responsible for transmitting information to the gods. His image is generally wearing a hat with wings on his head, flying shoes on his feet, a magic wand in his hand, and walking like flying.

Mercury was sharp and cunning. He once stole 50 cattle of Apollo, the sun god. Apollo came to claim for compensation. Mercury promised to return the cattle, but when Apollo led the cattle, he played beautiful music with the harp he invented. Apollo was so intoxicated that he agreed to exchange the cattle for Mercury’s harp and gave his magic wand to him. So Mercury became the patron saint of thieves, liars and merchants, because he stole Apollo’s cattle and then lured him to trade with him.

Another view is that Mercury is the closest and smallest planet in the solar system. Because it is closest to the sun and is most attracted by the sun, it runs faster than other planets. The ancient Greeks named mercury after Hermes, the fastest God in Greek mythology, while the ancient Romans named mercury after Mercury, the corresponding God in ancient Roman mythology. The British followed the ancient Romans’ practice, so the capitalized mercury means mercury as well as the god of mercury in ancient Roman mythology.

Flying Mercury Sculpture

Sculpture of flying mercury by Giovanni Da Bologna

Flying Mercury Sculpture

Giovanni Da Bologna is the most famous stylist artist at the end of the 16th century. His artistic style represents the transition from Michelangelo sculpture to Baroque sculpture. His works broke the previous norms that sculpture was attaching to a building. He became the first sculptor to realize multi perspective appreciation since the end of the Hellenistic era.

This flying mercury sculpture is his very classic art sculpture. This sculpture is an art sculpture copied by our Arturban sculpture foundry for customers who love Greek classical mythological art. The highly restored details of the sculpture let us feel the classic mythological color. The classic black metallic luster makes us feel the classical artistic effect of Greek mythology.

This statue is a common image of mercury. He is wearing a hat with wings, flying shoes, holding a double snake walking stick, lifting one foot and stepping on a round head with the other foot. It seems that we can see his image of walking like flying. As a symbol of the God’s envoy, this walking stick also represents the herald stick. Two snakes are wound around and the two heads are opposite. Some sticks have a pair of angel wings at the top. It is said that once, mercury threw his stick into the middle of two snakes that were biting, and the two snakes were reconciled immediately. Therefore, the double snake stick is regarded as a symbol of communication and reconciliation.

In the west, people believe that the double snake stick can make business negotiations more smooth and ease the conflicts between the two sides. Therefore, mercury is the patron saint of many people. We often see him in life. He will bring good luck to people.

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