Peter Rabbit Sculpture

The story of Peter Rabbit

Peter rabbit sculpture is very classic. Peter Rabbit is a fictional picture novel personified by Beatrice Potter, an English female writer and illustrator. The name of Peter rabbit comes from a rabbit raised by Miss Potter in her childhood. The story of Peter the rabbit first appeared in 1893 when Potter wrote a letter to her tutor’s sick child.

The story of the rabbit is very popular. As of 2008, it has sold more than 151 million copies and has been translated into more than 30 different languages.

In the story, Peter Rabbit is in an anthropomorphic way. He is wearing a blue jacket and brown shoes. In addition to his mother, Peter rabbit has three younger sisters. Peter Rabbit’s father was unfortunately eaten by the farmer McGregor and his wife. Peter Rabbit’s creation is not only a love of natural animals, but also a praise of the beautiful world of nature, and also a favorite of animal and nature lovers. In the story of Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit and his little friends continue to explore on the road of adventure and experience various thrilling adventures, which is impressive.

Peter Rabbit has become a household image. He is the super partner that children want to communicate with most. Follow Holmes, Dr Who and the great fox father and other classic heroes in British novels. Peter Rabbit is lively and interesting and even a little adventurous. There will always be constant troubles. At the critical moment, he will be your best partner! His quick thinking and fearless courage will always help him tide over the crisis.

Details of Peter rabbit sculpture

The shapes of these two sculptures are very lovely and interesting. Peter Rabbit is wearing blue suspenders, holding carrot leaves in both hands and pulling it. The lovely shape shows its smart, flexible and passionate image. Lily, a short tailed rabbit wearing a purple short skirt, grabs the leaves of the cabbage and is holding the cabbage forcefully. Lily is lovely and generous, with an elegant temperament. The harvest of the huge carrots and cabbages brought them joy. Their Beige hair makes the cartoon characters more vivid and full of vitality.

This sculpture of Peter Rabbit made by our Arturban sculpture factory for customers is vivid. The bright sculpture colors and exquisite sculpture details make the sculpture lifelike and full of artistic effects. Our customers like the story of Peter Rabbit very much. They want to put it in their own yard. It seems that Peter Rabbit in the fairy tale walks into his yard, pulling carrot and vegetables, full of fantastic colors and mystery.

When our customers received these two lovely sculptures, they were very surprised. The lovely rabbit put in the yard and full of vitality. And his children liked to play around them, which was full of a happy atmosphere. Peter Rabbit’s sculptures decorate the garden and courtyard, which not only make children love and bring joy, but also add a sense of mystery to the garden.

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