Kangaroo Garden Statue

Representative animal of Australia — kangaroo

Kangaroo Garden Statue

Kangaroo garden statue is a kangaroo drinking water. Australia is the most representative animal. Most people must have the image of kangaroo in their mind. Perhaps some people say that koala is also very cute and has a unique personality. In the national emblem of Australia, and on some Australian currency patterns, many Australian organizations, such as Qantas airlines, also use kangaroos as their symbols. Vehicles and ships of the Australian Army often painted with kangaroo marks when they are on overseas missions. It can be seen that kangaroos have a high status in people’s hearts. Therefore, kangaroos, as the iconic animals of Australia, can be said to be well deserved.

Kangaroos never retreat and always move forward, symbolizing the pioneering spirit. The reason why Australia makes kangaroo one of the animals on the national emblem is that it can only jump forward and never retreat. They hope that people also have the same spirit of never flinching as kangaroos. On the left and right sides of Australia’s national emblem, you can see kangaroos and EMUs standing on Eucalyptus branches, with Australia’s national flower “Acacia” in the background. Because kangaroos and EMUs can only move forward and cannot retreat, which symbolizes the spirit of the Australian people to march forward.

Kangaroo Garden Statue

Not only that, kangaroos also have a very magical tail. When kangaroos fight, the tail can not only shake the tail to attack, but also support the body when kangaroos kick forward with their feet. Kangaroos can use the third leg to support the ground when resting, and the triangular standing point is always stable.

Details of kangaroo garden statue

Kangaroo Garden Statue

This kangaroo garden statue is a very lifelike kangaroo drinking water. Its front paw is lying on the edge of the pool, its head stretched forward, and drinking water with its head lowered. Its long back paw is bent forward, and its tail is tightly attached to the ground, as if it was a part of its body support. This sculpture is based on the real scene of kangaroos drinking water. It vividly portrays the kangaroos’ movements, expressions and other details, as if the real kangaroos were drinking water.

This exquisite kangaroo garden statue is made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. We use the traditional wax loss method to shape the kangaroo’s small head and face like a rabbit. On both sides of it, there are black whiskers, large eyes, long ears and other strange appearance details, which are vivid and lovely. The details of the hair on the body are also very clear and natural. The combination of bronze and metal colors gives the sculpture a sense of age. No matter in any environment, it will always be a focus.

Kangaroo garden statue, whether placed in gardens, zoos and other places, give people a kind of cute feeling, make people love them, add a happy atmosphere, and let the whole person relax. And kangaroo is a brave animal. It only moves forward and not backward. Putting it in life as decoration can also let us understand its habits and characteristics more.

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