Bird Girl Statue Replica

The sculpture on the cover of the garden of good and evil at midnight — Savannah bird girl sculpture

Bird Girl Statue Replica

This bird girl statue replica is 127 cm long. It is a little girl about eight years old. She holds a bird feeding disc in her hands. It is a very classic sculpture created by Sylvia Shaw Judson, an American sculptor and teacher.

She has created a wide range of sculpture works, especially garden works depicting children and animals. In the era when critics and curators favor abstract works, she mainly features life size figures. Her bird girl is very popular. The work was originally a garden sculpture commissioned by a family in Massachusetts. An eight year old model named Lorraine Greenman (now Lorraine Ganz) poses for this work. Many years after the death of Sylvia Shaw Judson, her quiet and simple bird girl began to known and admired. In 1994, he became famous as the cover of the midnight garden of good and evil.

The picture of the statue appeared on the cover of the best-selling book midnight in the garden of good and evil, and won the new bird girl name. It loved by many fans, and some people cut off the fragments of the bird girl’s base from the Bonawangtil cemetery as a memorial. The shredding not stopped until the Telfair Museum, which moved to Savannah, was protected.

Bird Girl Statue Replica

Carved details of Savannah bird girl

Bird Girl Statue Replica

Although bird girl will always associated with Bonaventure because of midnight, it was not originally for the cemetery. However, this location is not a complete extension. Bonaventil created as a garden cemetery, while the bird girl was originally as a garden sculpture. She was also originally design as a potential fountain, just like the small hole in the bottom of her bowl and the groove in the front can let water overflow.

This bird girl statue replica is a beautiful sculpture made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. She has a great reputation and many people have re engraved her. We customized this bird girl sculpture for customers who love this sculpture. Placed in the garden as a fountain for decoration, will show a beautiful image.

This bird girl statue replica portrays the image of a young and beautiful girl very lifelike. A clean short hair hangs behind her. She wears a long dress, covering her feet. The girl turned her head sideways without a smile on her face, as if she was thinking about something. Her two hands held two round trays, and her arms tightly attached to her body, as if to support the two trays for a longer time. These two trays are like containers for feeding birds. Putting grain on them will surely attract a large number of birds to eat, and it will be very lively.

The inscription on the symbolic base of the bird girl reads: “I say that we have confidence and would rather leave our bodies and be with the Lord.” It not only brings fresh vitality to the beautiful garden, but also adds extraordinary sacred significance to the garden.

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