Antique Bronze Tiger Statue

The tiger’s position in nature

This is a antique bronze tiger statue. The tiger is the most powerful cat in the world and one of the top predators on land. They are ferocious in temperament, strong in limbs, strong in strength, and their tails are covered with patterns. They are very powerful carnivores. The light yellow or brownish yellow hair is covered with black horizontal lines, with a round head and short ears. The back of the ears is black, the tail is thick and long, with black ring lines, and the end is black. When you look at it walking on the grass in the garden with thick soles, it is full of the breath of the king.

As the king of all animals, the tiger is not only a king but also with stronger flavor. In our life, we often see the image of tiger sculpture, which is a symbol of beauty and courage, and represents dignity, power and glory. Humans have always liked tigers since ancient times. It is not only a symbol of strength and power. Tiger also represents auspicious and peace, symbolizing the overwhelming and invincible power. It symbolizes enthusiasm and boldness.

The tiger has a good moral, but do you know? The tiger also has a very romantic legend. Dionysus, the God of wine in ancient Greek mythology, incarnated as a tiger and carried a fairy across the Tigris River. Since then, the tiger has also had a romantic meaning in people’s hearts, symbolizing the courage to do everything for love.

antique bronze tiger statue

Before Alexander’s expedition to India, Westerners had never seen such animals as tigers. Therefore, in the oil painting, the tiger only appears when he pulls the cart for Dionysus. In the front of the car, the two tigers pulling the car for Dionysus are as gentle as dogs and shape as cats, which are less ferocious and powerful than real tigers.

Antique Bronze tiger statue details

antique bronze tiger statue

This antique bronze tiger statue is the image of a tiger walking on a rock. The shape is very vivid. Its open mouth and loud roar represent its unyielding will and momentum, and also inspire people to make continuous efforts. In addition to being large and muscular, their most prominent feature is the black vertical stripes on their white to orange fur, which helps them hide themselves during hunting. Therefore, many customers choose the metal tiger statue as their mascot to show their wishes.

This antique Bronze tiger figurine is cast by our Arturban sculpture foundry with high-quality bronze material and traditional wax loss method. The exquisite carving details of the tiger show the three-dimensional beauty. The exquisite carving details show the rich emotion and the sense of movement. The sculpture image created by traditional carving techniques has clear texture, strong three-dimensional sense, clear organization and fine workmanship. During the coloring, we adopted the thermal coloring method to make the color of the sculpture rich, natural, thick and solid, and show the strong RETRO art and cultural atmosphere of the sculpture. Bronze tiger sculpture will become a very distinctive sculpture in the campus, park, square, zoo and other places. It not only adds the wild beauty of nature, but also adds the beauty of classical art.

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