Metal Horse Statue

The significance of abstract horse sculpture

metal horse statue

Metal horse statue is a kind of abstract animal art sculpture created with the inspiration of horses. It also requests the size of the sculpture. The morphological characteristics of animal sculptures made of stainless steel are very important. When designing stainless steel animal sculptures, different ways of expression will be carried out according to the character and morphological characteristics of various animals. At the same time, it is also a work that greatly tests the artist’s production skills.

There are many kinds of abstract stainless steel sculpture art. There is no specific standard for the understanding of abstract sculpture, and the understanding of sculpture is based on the understanding and preference of sculpture. The richness of abstract stainless steel sculpture art makes the forms of abstract art quite different, but they all share the same value concept, such as aestheticism, novel modeling and refreshing.

This is an outdoo standing horse statue with abstract modern design. Here, this sculpture shows us the visual effects that are indistinct. It is like a half horse sculpture composed of shutters. It is composed of many regular horizontal lines. Its unique shape will be full of the artistic flavor of the new era. The smooth and round arc has no edges and corners, giving people a visual enjoyment.

metal horse statue

Details of metal horse statue

metal horse statue

This is a modern outdoor metal horse statue, which is a contemporary art abstract sculpture. It looks very magical, because it is combined and spliced together by lines, showing the unique shape design and visual effect. When you appreciate it from different angles, it will show different art. When it is placed in an outdoor garden or park as decoration, it will become an eye-catching focus.

This metal horse statue was elaborately made by the artists of our Arturban sculpture foundry, which fully displayed the unique shape and made us fresh. During the production, we strictly required the shape and quality. It vividly described the beauty of the sculpture. We used outdoor car paint for coloring. The white color is simple and generous, showing the modern characteristics of fashion. Stainless steel sculpture is popular in modern public art because of its beautiful surface treatment and flexible production. Stainless steel sculptures add a lot of colors to our life and enrich our knowledge. Compared with other metal sculptures, stainless steel sculptures have unique corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and are more suitable for modern style decoration, including outdoor gardens, squares, shopping malls, hotels and other occasions. They are very good decoration places.

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