Oriental Dragon Sculpture

The ancient legend of the Oriental dragon

dragon fountain

Oriental dragon sculpture is a fountain decoration. In the western beautiful legend, there is a beautiful mermaid princess living in the deep sea. The beautiful underwater world is dreamlike and very beautiful. According to the ancient legend in the East, the image of the Oriental dragon, which lives in the underwater world in the East, is very vivid. It described by people as having horns like deer, heads like camels, eyes like rabbits, necks like snakes, belly like mirages, scales like fish, claws like eagles, palms like tigers, and ears like cattle. It lives in the beautiful crystal palace at the bottom of the sea. Dragon is the master of the bottom of the sea. All creatures obey his orders.

In terms of the status of Oriental dragons, Oriental dragons are highly respected. They separated from the mortal world and are majestic and domineering. The dragon also often has goodwill and can understand the sufferings of the people. Therefore, in ancient Chinese folklore, the dragon is a kind of auspicious and can play the role of exorcising evil and praying for good. Therefore, the totem of the dragon symbolizes good luck. The dragon is also a symbol of power and dignity, and has a sacred status in people’s hearts.

The role and details of the Oriental Dragon

Oriental dragon culture can be divided into three types: religious dragon, political dragon and artistic dragon. Religious dragon refers to the worship of the dragon as a sacred object or a God, and the dragon as the God who dominates the rain and wind or the protector. The political dragon refers to the ruling class taking advantage of people’s general worship of the dragon to describe the emperor as the incarnation of the Dragon God, which is sacred and inviolable to maintain the rule. The artistic dragon is to express the admiration and worship of the dragon in the form of art, that is, to express the dragon in the form of sculpture, molding, painting, dance, mythology, legends, and competitive activities.

There are many Oriental Dragon sculptures in China, which not only vividly depict the details of the Oriental Dragon, but also integrate various cultural phenomena related to the Dragon into a unique style. In addition to representing authority, the Oriental dragon sculpture is also a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness. Therefore, many people like to put some Oriental Dragon sculptures as decorations in their homes, hoping to increase the auspicious atmosphere. In geomantic omen, the dragon has the effect of bring good luck and controlling evil. If the dragon can cooperate with the water, it will appear particularly fierce. If you want to place the decorations of dragon sculptures in your home, you should only place them near the water, and you can get unexpected results.

dragon sculpture

This large-scale Oriental dragon fountain sculpture made by our Arturban sculpture factory is very beautiful. The unique shape of the head looks very dignified. The long body dragon scale is lifelike. Its tail is a delicate. The large-scale dragon feet on the auspicious clouds are very sacred. It is suitable for the pool to spray water, which represents a very prosperous luck.

Of course, the sculpture of such a huge Oriental dragon is also very spectacular, with a very strong visual impact. It complements the spectacular scenery of the animal fountain and makes the environment more attractive. The sculpture and the fountain set off each other, gathering the humanistic knowledge of sculpture art and environmental beautification. It not only enhances the master’s literary temperament and noble status, but also brings you a beautiful and extraordinary landscape.