Fiberglass Lion Statue

Fiberglass Lion statue with weapons – Guardian of the house

Fiberglass Lion Statue

The fiberglass lion statue of guardian means that it stands in front of the house or the building as a guardian lion statue. In different traditions, cultures and religions, there are different forms of lions. For example, in Chinese Buddhism, the lion sculpture is very sacred. It not only brings prosperity and happiness to the family that owns it, but also brings prosperity and happiness to everyone living around them. This is why you often find two identical lion statues on both sides of the entrance gate or corridor. It shows strength and wisdom.

Similarly, in countries such as Italy, lion statues represent power. You may be shocked to learn that in Scandinavia, lion statues are literary works used in churches and holy places. There are lion statues at the entrance and in the church building. Some people just use it as an ornament. But others even think that lions are God like creatures. So you can see that different religions and cultures have different ideologies on the lion statue. In general, we can say that the lion is a symbol of peace, love, rule, strength and wisdom.

lion statue

Therefore, in most traditional places, you will see lion statues in the gates, corridors or buildings. In some cases, you may also see the lion’s head on the walls of traditional buildings and churches. Of course, there are many different types of outdoor decoration as guardians or to enhance the appearance of the space. However, when it comes to the combination of beauty, grace and power, guarding lion statue is the only choice.

Fiberglass Lion Statue

The golden Guardian God with weapons has stronger protection

Fiberglass Lion Statue

This sculpture is a golden fiberglass lion sculpture made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. It is different from other lions. It has a front paw with a weapon and a large mouth seems to warn people who are trying to damage the house. The lion is very brave and will give a fatal blow to the enemy. It also has a pair of wings behind its two front legs, which seems to help it and make it more powerful. The fluffy mane on the neck and sharp teeth all show its powerful momentum and dignity. Behind it is the curved tail. The graceful radian and the exquisite details of the curved details show its noble posture.

This fiberglass lion statue house entrance, and a guardian lion statue is placed on each side of the entrance passage, which can serve as a grand and luxurious protector. This makes them a natural choice for all types of outdoor entrances. By placing them on both sides of the driveway, they are the first things that visitors see when looking at your house. It is also a perfect sculpture for companies, factories and other occasions. It will protect your finances from being stolen.

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