Goddess Athena Sculpture

Athena, goddess of wisdom

goddess athena sculpture

It is a bonze goddess athena sculpture. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war in Greek mythology, and one of the Twelve Gods of Olympus. Athena is the goddess of handicrafts, art, wisdom and military affairs. She is also the protector of agriculture, gardening, sculptors, architects and urban heroes.

It is said Athena was born by Zeus and the goddess of wisdom Metis. There was a prophecy that the son of Metis would overthrow Zeus. Zeus was afraid that the prophecy would come true, so he swallowed the whole of Metis into his stomach. After that, Zeus suffered from severe headache. Zeus, the father of the gods, had to ask Hephaestus, the God of fire, to open his head, and the God of fire did so. To the surprise of the Olympian gods, a beautiful goddess with a graceful posture and perseverance leaped out of her split head, shining and graceful. It is said that she has the power of Zeus. She is the most intelligent goddess, the perfect combination of wisdom and power.

goddess athena sculpture

Athena seems to be the continuation of Zeus and the executor of Zeus’ will. Athena is not only the most important god in Olympian mythology, but also as important as Zeus. Owls and snakes are symbols of Athena. Athena, who advocates peace, is rational and calm. She is a goddess of both literature and martial arts. Athena resisted the invasion of foreign enemies and relied on her bravery and wisdom to win the final victory.

Details of the statue of Athena

goddess athena sculpture

Athena is the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology and the patron saint of Athens. It was originally the main statue of the main hall of the Parthenon, with a height of 13 meters. It carved with silver marble and partially inlaid with ivory and gold. Unfortunately, it destroyed in the Byzantine Empire.

In this Greek goddess sculpture, she wears a helmet and a long dress of Greek style. The breastplate and armor are with snake shaped trimmings and human heads. She bare her arms, and through her thin clothes and skirts, we could see her beautiful and powerful body. The whole image is full of feminine tenderness and full of life. It is more human than divine, which indicates that art in the Hellenistic period has become secular. This statue of Athena is reproduced by the Arturban sculpture factory. The green sculpture color adds classical artistic beauty. The movements and expressions of the characters, the details of dresses and accessories are also vividly showing. It not only displays the characteristics of ancient Greek characters, but also vividly portrays the elegant temperament of Athena and the image of soldiers. This remade Athena gives visitors the atmosphere of visiting the ancient temple.

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