Manneken Pis Fountain For Sale

The story of Manneken

The Manneken pis fountain for sale is a famous statue. Manneken, also known as the urinating child image, is the landmark of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. This world-famous statue located in the pedestrian area of the city center. The size of this five-year-old boy statue is not big, but it has a history of nearly 400 years (established between 1618 and 1619). The present statue is a 1965 replica, and the original statue is in the Brussels City Museum.

There is a legendary story about the origin of the statue. A boy named Manneken got up in the middle of the night to pee and saw a burning fuse sticking out of his neighbor’s house (it was said that he met the French army who was about to bomb the city with gunpowder). The child could not find water to put out the fire. He had an idea to use his urine to put out the fuse and rescue the trapped people. In order to remember the little boy, he made a stone statue in place and kept it forever for future generations.

In order to celebrate the rebirth of Brussels from the French war, the then ruler of Bavaria Maximilian II, put on a blue satin coat and a hat with feathers. Louis XV, the French king, once dressed the child in the clothes of a marquis, making him a noble, and awarded him a cross of St. Louis, so that all soldiers who passed in front of him would salute him.

Because of the warm welcome given to the child statue, officials and ambassadors from various countries will make a special suit of clothes for him when they visit Belgium. Therefore, he has his own wardrobe, with more than 700 clothes. It donated by countries around the world, and more than 1000 clothes of different types.

Manneken pis fountain for sale details

The manneken pis fountain for sale has been welcomed by people. It represents the heroic image. This replica sculpture Mannakinns is cast by our Arturban sculpture. Every detail manually carved by our excellent artists. We can see that every detail of the little boy’s statue is lifelike. Both his movements and his demeanor are very natural. It shows the tender feeling of childhood. It perfectly shows the unique charm of fountain sculpture.

This manneken pis fountain for sale welcomed by many people and can be seen everywhere in life. The unique and creative posture of children urinating makes this sculpture seem fresh and full of spirit. Whether it is in the courtyard, garden, street and other places, it attracts people’s attention and makes people appreciate this lovely scene. Deliver happiness to people and become a source of relaxation.

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