Outdoor Moose Statue

Moose, the largest deer in the world

Outdoor Moose Statue

This is the outdoor moose statue. Moose is the largest deer family animal in the world. The name of moose means that its shoulder is higher than its hip, which is similar to camel. The male sculpture of moose mainly characterized by palm shaped antlers. Do you know how the moose with such an interesting image lives?

Now let’s learn about the living habits of the moose. Its tall body is very similar to the camel, and its four long legs are also similar to the camel. Its shoulders are especially high, and it is like the hump on the back of the camel. The fur color of the whole body is tan, and the color of the hair in summer is much darker than that in winter. The head is large, the eyes are small, the face is particularly long, the neck is very short.

Only the head of the male animal has horns, which is the largest among the deer. Moreover, the shape of the horns is special. Unlike other deer, they are not fork shaped, but flat spade shaped. The horn surface is rough. After a small section is extended from the horn base to the left and right sides, the middle is wide, much like cactus. There are many sharp forks at the front third, up to 30-40.

Outdoor Moose Statue

The male deer usually lives alone. The female deer and the young deer live in groups. They are looking for food and drinking water all day. There are more than 70 kinds of food, including grass, leaves, twigs, water lilies, duckweed and other aquatic plants. They eat a lot. They eat more than 20 kilograms of plants every day. Like cattle, they have to ruminate after eating, and they also have the habit of licking salt and alkali. Many people like the moose statue for garden, outdoor, home decoration.

Details of outdoor moose statue

Outdoor Moose Statue

Moose live leisurely in nature, full of wild breath and wild beauty of nature. They are loved by people and often placed in various outdoor places to add vitality. This life size moose sculpture is carefully carved by our sculptors for our customers. On the rock, a moose tilts its head to one side, as if looking at the scenery in the distance. The wide fan-shaped antlers show its rugged and heroic temperament, strong muscles, strong limbs, and fine hair in various parts of the body, which highly restore the moments of moose life, and even the colors of various parts of the body are no different from those of real animals. When you see this huge moose sculpture, it is like a live moose standing there.

When this beautiful outdoor moose statue is in a garden, does it look like an elf in the garden, guarding the beautiful scenery here. Under the sunshine, its hair is like emitting reddish brown light. Passers by can’t help but stop and enjoy the wild beauty of nature. High quality sculpture products can withstand the test of time. Our sculpture products can be stored outdoors for a long time without being affected by the environment, so that you can enjoy its beauty.

moose sculpture

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