The Bust Of David

The story of david

The bust of David

The bust of David is very famous. David is based on the myths in the Old Testament. David is a biblical figure, and he was king of Israel from 1010 to 970 BC. During his reign, he overthrew the rule of the alien Philistines and unified Israel. The hero had a wonderful story when he was young.

At that time, Saul king of Israel reigned. The Philistines invaded Israel. Among the Philistines, there was a warrior named Goliath. His strength was infinite. He was invincible in the battlefield. Goliath fought for more than 40 days, and the Israelis did not dare to fight. David’s three brothers went to the front to fight. Because he was too young to fight, he went to the front to deliver food to his brothers.

When David reached the front line, he saw the enemy giant Goliath rush up, and the Israelis couldn’t resist. David was full of anger and asked to fight, in order to wipe off the shame of the nation. He led the crowd to the battlefield and scolded Goliath loudly. When Goliath was dizzy, David threw a stone with a stone thrower and knocked Goliath unconscious. David rushed forward, pulled out the sharp blade, cut off Goliath’s head, and saved Israel. Since then, young David has become a nationally famous hero.

The bust of David

This sculpture is a realistic bust of David. On the surface, it is a “Renaissance” of ancient Greek art. In essence, it means that people have been freed from the shackles of the dark middle ages and have fully realized the great power of people in transforming the world. This bust was created with great enthusiasm by the artist in the process of shaping. It is not only a statue, but also a symbol of the artistic expression of the ideological liberation movement.

Details of the David bust

The bust of David

The bust of David is an exquisite sculpture made of high-quality white marble. It vividly depicts David’s elegant and handsome image. Although the bust of David can’t see his strong body, the details of his facial features can make the sculpture image of the character lifelike and perfectly display the details of the sculpture.

In this sculpture, the face is firm, the head turns left, and the tendons of the neck bulge, which seems to be preparing for battle. The muscles around upper lip and nose were tight, and eyes were looking into the distance. David stood confidently, his bright eyes staring into the distance, ready to enter a new battle at any time.

It is an ideal embodiment of all male beauty both externally and internally, which is the common pursuit of humanistic thought in the Renaissance, the further development of the concept of human body beauty in ancient Greece, and the complete embodiment of opposing the hypocrisy of religion, establishing human freedom and creative potential. Therefore, David has far-reaching historical significance for Europe and even the whole world. This sculpture will be suitable for gardens, courtyards, living rooms and other places, which is a sculpture of great artistic value.

david sculpture

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