Pegasus Garden Statue

The birth of Pegasus

pegasus garden statue

This is a pegasus garden statue. What do you think when you see the winged flying horse sculpture?

When I see the pegasus garden statue, I will think of the story of the birth of Pegasus. It is said that Perseus was the son of Zeus, and he was responsible for killing Medusa, one of the three sisters of Gorgon. When he cut her throat, a creature grew out of the Gorgon’s blood and was later named Pegasus.

The body of a flying horse and the huge wings hit the ground of Mount Hurley violently, creating a spring. Today, it is called the source of poetic inspiration. Many people talk about Perseus trying to control Pegasus and use it for his own benefit. However, Greek mythology clearly shows that the only person who can completely rule Pegasus is Bellerophon.

pegasus garden statue

He achieved this by using the magic reins given to him by Athena, and Bellerophon had a dream. The relationship between the hero and his horse is very good. They have completed various incredible feats, the most notable of which is the murder of the evil Chimera. Chimera was committed to terrorizing the territory of Lucia, so Bellerophon used his agility and the power of flying horses to defend the place.

Pegasus garden statue

pegasus garden statue

Pegasus is a creation of human beings. Like centaurs, sphinxes and other mythical creatures, it belongs to the world of myths and legends, and also belongs to the folklore of various cultures. Then, humans created a character with real elements, body and wings. Therefore, it combines them to create something that obviously does not exist, but gives people a feeling of being a powerful creature.

This fiberglass pegasus garden statue is very beautiful. It spreads its wings, kicks the ground with its hind feet, leaps into the air with its front feet, holds its head high, and looks at the sky with its eyes. Its strong muscles show us the image of a brave flying horse, full of vitality and vigor. Its whole classical color radiates metallic luster under the sunshine, and it seems to be full of mythological color. It also symbolizes the spirit of unrestrained enthusiasm, free and easy, and tenacity, and is loved by people.

This galloping flying horse statue is cast by fiberglass. The exquisite Pegasus sculpture image and various details are lifelike. The gorgeous and beautiful color effect is pleasing to the eye, and it has a strong decorative effect. The gorgeous colors form its unique artistic vision and become the soul of decoration. It is the preferred sculpture for gardens, squares, theme parks, zoos and other occasions. It not only brings vitality to the surrounding environment, but also shows unique artistic effects, perfectly complements the surrounding environment, adds space vitality, gives people beautiful enjoyment, makes people feel happy and relaxed, and cultivates their sentiments.

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