Bronze Moose Statue

The importance of deer in western culture

Bronze Moose Statue

Bronze moose statue is life size.Deer has always played an important role in western culture. We are familiar with the Christmas, reindeer has an irreplaceable position. In Western mythology, the deer god is noble, brave and fearless, and advocates good and beautiful. The spirit of deer is the source of chivalry. In ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Celtic, Greece and Sumeria, we can clearly see deer.

In the third season of Hannibal Lecter and American horror story, the image of deer element should not be elk, but reindeer or moose. The moose and red deer have always been the main theme in Western legends. That is, food, gods and mysterious symbols.

bronze moose statue

In addition to the above, the deer is also a symbol of Christ. It implying that Christ trampled and destroyed the devil. In the early days, the stag was the ruthless enemy of the snake. They believe that this kind of male deer will chase snakes into their holes or rock crevices, and drown and devour them by breathing air or water in their mouths. And because the snake is the symbol of Satan, in the war between Christ and the devil, the stag often represents the Christians in the war. The water used to wash the snake symbolizes the wisdom and purity of Christ. It also believed that a sick or old stag would hide the snake and swallow it. Then, the stag will drink a lot of water to overcome the poison of the poisonous snake. And thus recover his youth. The pastor said that Christians were also saved because “when baptism, when sin is washed away, the traces of sin will disappear.”

Bronze moose statue details

bronze moose statue

No matter whether it is a stag or not, the moral in western culture is the same as that in eastern culture. This is whydeer elements such as Deer Head Sculpture are used in many designs. This is a vivid male moose sculpture. Whether it is the antlers in the shape of a palm, its mouth and nose, the fine hair of various parts of the body, its strong muscles and strong limbs, we can achieve a highly similar restoration. Even the colors of various parts of the body are no different from those of real animals. When you see this huge moose sculpture, it is like a live moose standing there.

This bronze Large Outdoor Moose Statue cast by our Arturban sculpture foundry is using the traditional wax loss method. We know the moose very well, so we can highly restore the appearance and physical characteristics of the moose. When this beautiful sculpture is in your garden, courtyard or park, does it look like a god animal full of spirituality? It not only having a beautiful meaning, but also guarding the beautiful scenery here. Under the sunshine, its hair is as bright as reddish brown light, which is clear and natural, so that passers-by cannot help but stop to enjoy the wild beauty of nature.

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