Life Size Kangaroo Statue

A kangaroo that only moves forward but not backward

life size kangaroo statue

This is a life size kangaroo statue. Kangaroos are a kind of marsupials, belonging to the kangaroo family. “Kangaroo “sometimes refers to all marsupials. The word kangaroo was later named by Joseph Banks and James Cook during their first voyage.

Kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, appearing in the national emblem of Australia and on some Australian currency patterns. Many Australian organizations, such as Qantas airlines, also use kangaroos as their symbols. Vehicles and ships of the Australian Army are often painted with kangaroo marks when they are on overseas missions.

Zoologists have verified that kangaroos are typical representatives of marsupials. The children born by marsupials are premature fetuses, and their development is not complete, so they need to be developed in the pouch. Kangaroos are very small at birth, about the size of a peanut. The adult kangaroo is about 1.6 meters tall and can weigh up to 50 kilograms.

Kangaroos jump with their lower limbs and run very fast, with a speed of more than 50 kilometers per hour. Kangaroos have a “multi-functional” tail, which plays a very important role. During rest, it can support the ground and play the role of balancing the body together with both lower limbs. The tail is an important balance tool during running. In addition, the kangaroo tail is an important weapon for attack and defense. Some people say that kangaroo is a brave animal. It only moves forward and does not retreat. It always moves forward, symbolizing the spirit of pioneering and enterprising.

life size kangaroo statue

Details of life size kangaroo statue

life size kangaroo statue

This is a very exquisite bronze life size kangaroo statue. There is a bag on its belly. It often places its baby in the bag. Maybe a small head will emerge from the bag inadvertently, which looks very cute. When it walks, it often jumps. We wondered if there were springs in its legs that allowed it to bounce so well.

This life size kangaroo statue was carefully made by the skilled sculptors of our Arturban sculpture foundry. The exquisite sculpture skills vividly describe the kangaroo shape and action. It’s like a real kangaroo standing there. The bronze metal color gives the sculpture a sense of time. No matter in any environment, it will be the focus of existence, bringing the wild beauty of nature and beautiful visual effects. We still have bronze tiger sculpture and other animal sculpture for you choose from.

And Australia makes kangaroo one of the animals on the national emblem because it can only jump forward and never retreat. I hope that people also have the same spirit of never flinching as kangaroos. Kangaroo sculptures, whether placed in gardens, zoos, gardens and other places, give people a kind of cute feeling, make people love them, add a happy atmosphere, and let the whole person relax. At the same time, it also gives people a positive spirit and brings positive energy.

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