Statue The World Is Yours Scarface

The sculpture “the world is yours” casts the classic of “Scarface”

statue the world is yours scarface

This is the famous statue the world is yours scarface. Al Pacino, with his superb acting skills in the Scarface, will always be remembered by the world as Tony Montana, who is famous in the street, has the American dream and is crazy! Although it has the aura of the main character, it still cannot escape the difficult road of “fighting monsters and upgrading”.

At the end of the film, Tony Montana’s heroic words have become the last “inscription”! The outnumbered Tony Montana is doomed. Under the “careful arrangement”, the once swimming pool became a “Tomb” with his fall. The “the world is your” sculpture, which symbolizes order, became a tombstone after his death.

In this film, “the world is your” gives people profound inspiration. And it made into many replicas of sculptures to show in life.

statue the world is yours scarface

The world is your sculpture details

statue the world is yours scarface

In this sculpture, we can see three elegant naked girls holding up a thin blanket with soft texture behind her. The blanket naturally falls to their feet and dragged to the ground like skirt. They stand on tiptoe to form a circle, holding the globe inscribed with “the world is your” high, as if holding up the golden sun. Their other hand is holding the water bottle, which inclined horizontally, as if pouring the water.

This statue the world is yours scarface is in the form of nude art. In the ancient Greek period, the artist used the feminine nude form to show a healthy and natural beauty. And also showed the original beauty of “human”. Spherical sculpture they hold up is like holding up hope. It telling us that our ancestors held up our earth to our hands. In the future, it is up to us. It entrust us with the task of changing and creating the world. We can be full of passion and confidence.

The feeling conveyed by sculpture art is impression, inspiration and thinking. It broadens our vision, improves our cognition, beautifies our environment and integrates with the environment through the form of works. We can understand and appreciate the sculpture through the fine details and color matching of the sculpture.

The unique statue the world is yours scarface makes people’s eyes shine. The golden shape makes her a focal point and attracts everyone’s attention. Whether it is as outdoor decoration or fountain sculpture, or as a private collection, as a gift to friends, or even as a trophy, it is a very beautiful sculpture.

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