Deer Statues For Home Decor

The sika deer looking up – the light is in front of you

Deer statues for home decor is colorful. In traditional culture, the sika deer is a very spirited animal, symbolizing auspiciousness, and its image can be found in many fairy tales. For example, the mount of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in the west, or the deer god who guards the forest depicted by Hayao Miyazaki in the ghost princess, all present the deer image in a more three-dimensional manner.

Deer has a very high status in people’s hearts. With the improvement of living standards, FRP animal sculpture has gradually entered the public’s eyes. The FRP sika deer is loved by everyone with its noble temperament and ELF like image. Its beautiful form is placed in every place of life and has become the elf in our life.

This sculpture is a painted FRP Sika Deer sculpture. It was carefully made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. The natural and interesting shape has created a vivid and realistic art in the hands of the sculptor, which is amazing. It looks up to the front, as if it can see the light in front through looking up, and it can see farther than others. The shape of this deer is not only pleasing to the eye, but also brings hope to people.

Details of deer statues for home decor

Sika deer is thin and small, with white plum blossom spots on its hip. Sika deer is alert and agile, with slender limbs and narrow and sharp hooves. Therefore, it runs quickly and has strong jumping ability. It is especially good at climbing steep slopes and continuous large-span jumps. It is light and agile and has a graceful and natural posture. In particular, the deer’s natural kindness, introversion and beautiful temperament are worthy of praise.

This deer statues for home decor is like a real sika deer. It has a geometric image composed of colorful colors on its body, which is full of modern artistic beauty. It looks forward with its slender neck, full of energy and vitality. The beautiful antlers on its head have colorful patterns, which are very beautiful and full of modern fashion. This large deer garden statue is a perfect decorative sculpture in gardens, squares, commercial streets, etc. its participation undoubtedly makes these spaces more humane. It promotes the function of square space with its artistic vitality. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of spiritual food is getting higher and higher. These animal sculptures not only bring rich colors to the surrounding environment, but also add a sense of beauty and fashion.

deer statue

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