Padre Pio Garden Statue

Biography of Padre Pio

This is the padre pio garden statue. Padre Pio was born in Pietricina, a small town in southern Italy. On January 22, 1903, he joined the Gabonese Franciscan and named “Pio”. Padre Pio died on September 23, 1968 at the age of 81 in St. John Rotondo. On June 16, 2002, he canonized as a “Saint” by Pope John Paul II. Father Bio’s Memorial Day is September 23.

Padre Pio is an Italian Catholic Franciscan missionary priest, carrying holy wounds, and a mystic. Later, he also canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. Padre Pio is well known for carrying holy wounds all his life since 1918, which has caused many researches and controversies on this event.

Padre Pio is a real great miracle in the 20th century, a transcendent miracle that the world can not explain. There are five wounds prints on the body: there are open wounds on the hands, feet and ribs. The blood flows continuously. The wound on the single rib is like an upside down cross. The wound emits a wonderful fragrance.

padre pio garden statue

Like the apostles of Paul, father bio regards the cross of Christ as his strength, wisdom and glory, and puts it at the center of his life and apostolic work. The love of Christ scorched him and made him look like Christ, sacrificing himself for the salvation of the world. He generously and perfectly followed and imitated Christ on the cross, so that he could say: “I have been crucified with Christ, and my life is no longer my life, but Christ lives in me.”

Details of Padre Pio garden statue

padre pio garden statue

This bronze padre pio garden statue was carefully made by our Arturban sculpture factory. The exquisite figure modeling makes the image of father Bio vivid. Padre Pio in a robe puts one hand on his chest and the other hand is open, as if he is giving his love to the world. A prayer bead with a cross tied around his waist, representing his mourning and faith with Jesus. Padre Pio’s kind face will bring us great confidence in life. When we pray around him, he will hear our hearts and get salvation.

God gave him endless treasure of grace, which he injected into the mission of evangelization, serving all the people who came to him, leading them to be reborn and become a large group of children of the holy God.

This classic padre pio garden statue is a very meaningful sculpture in outdoors, in squares and gardens, and has become an outstanding model. His sacred image is a beacon in our hearts. His concern is the glory of the Lord and the benefit of the souls of all. He treats everyone with integrity, frankness, and great respect. He calmly accepted the pain brought by the holy wound, experienced the pain of the soul, and brought people salvation and light!

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