lion statue

geometric lion statue

Geometric Lion Statue

The position of FRP geometric lion statue in the decoration field Geometric lion statue is a very beautiful sculpture. They all have their own characteristics. We should better maintain it. The geometric lion sculpture is a kind of garden landscape sculpture. It enriches the landscape of the park, shapes the image of the park, and …

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fiberglass lion statue

Fiberglass Lion Statue

Fiberglass Lion statue with weapons – Guardian of the house The fiberglass lion statue of guardian means that it stands in front of the house or the building as a guardian lion statue. In different traditions, cultures and religions, there are different forms of lions. For example, in Chinese Buddhism, the lion sculpture is very …

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flying lion statue

Flying Lion Statue

The symbol of flying lion Flying lion statue is a winged lion. The lion is our common auspicious animal. It is the embodiment of wisdom and strength. The lion has the meaning of auspiciousness, prosperity and circle of life. It symbolizes status, dignity and peace. In people’s hearts, the lion is a strong person. It …

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