Large Elephant Garden Ornament

The status of elephants in people’s hearts and their myths and legends

elephant statue garden decor

This is a large elephant garden ornament. Elephants enjoy a high status in many countries. People regard elephants as a symbol of good luck and peace, and people have a special feeling for elephants. They regard them as the embodiment of strength, longevity and intelligence. In India, there is a very famous elephant god who guards elephants. It has won the most heartfelt respect of people.

The elephant god Ganesh was the son of Shiva and the snow mountain goddess. When he was young, Shiva mistakenly cut off his head. In a hurry, Shiva had to transplant the head of a banned elephant into ganesh’s body. Since then, ganesh has become an elephant patron saint with a human body, and has the same character as an elephant, strong, intelligent and kind. August 27 of each year is the birthday of the Indian elephant god Ganesh. Devout Indians hold lively celebrations for Ganesh in Jaipur in northern India.

elephant statue garden decor

Decorative effect of elephant statue garden decor

elephant statue garden decor

The little elephant statue is a very auspicious animal in India, which has a deeper meaning in Buddhism. Because the elephant is powerful and gentle, when the Bodhisattva enters the mother’s womb, he or she rides a six tooth white elephant or makes himself a white elephant, indicating that the Bodhisattva’s temperament is soft and powerful. So elephants are loved by people.

In life, we can also see different forms of large elephant garden ornament, which not only has a very auspicious meaning, but also its large and healthy body brings us a new vision. This lifelike simulated elephant bronze sculpture is very suitable for outdoor garden decoration. This elephant sculpture has two long tusks, and deep folds can be seen on its skin. The two large fan like ears have clear blood vessel traces. It looks down, the long elephant trunk naturally bends, as if you saw a real elephant standing there.

Our large elephant garden ornament in making this sculpture, we used the traditional wax loss method. Therefore, every detail of this sculpture can be perfectly preserved. And in the process of sculpture production, we also revised the wax pattern repeatedly to ensure the perfection of every detail. After careful polishing and carving, every detail of the sculpture is very delicate. This elephant sculpture is made of high-quality bronze casting. This sculpture suitable for outdoor gardens, parks or manors. Usually, elephant sculptures are in pairs at the entrance or gate of the garden. Elephant statues are also suitable as three-dimensional textbooks to let more people understand the characteristics of elephants.

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