Venus Statue No Arms

Venus de Milo

venus statue no arms

This is the famous venus statue no arms. Milo Venus, also known as the broken arm Venus, is a famous ancient Greek statue. This statue created between 130 and 100 BC. It shows Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty in Greek Mythology (the corresponding goddess in Roman mythology is Venus). The marble statue is 202 cm high, slightly larger than the real size of the human body. It is discovered on the Greek island of Milos in 1820 (called Milo in modern Greek), so it is called the Venus of Milo.

This statue of Venus de Milo now stored in the Louvre in Paris, France. It is one of the three treasures of the Louvre. Since the discovery of this sculpture, it is the most beautiful Greek female sculpture so far.

venus statue no arms

The Venus de Milo is famous for its lost mysterious arms. The whole sculpture is composed of two pieces of marble. The connection between the two pieces of marble is very clever. It connect to the naked part of the body and the towel. This statue of Venus recognized as a model of female human beauty, because it fully conforms to the proportion of human beauty in the golden section. The charm of Venus is that no matter from any angle, she conforms to the golden ratio of the human body. Therefore, she can transcend the times and become a symbol of the eternal beauty of women.

This venus statue no arms does not seek to be small and delicate. Instead, it adopts a simple artistic approach, which reflects the youth, beauty and inner virtue of the human body. The whole statue can appreciated from any angle to find a unified and unique beauty. This kind of beauty is no longer the “sensory beauty” expressed in most female sculptures in Greece. But it is an ideal beauty of classicism, full of infinite poetry.

Beautiful details of venus statue no arms

venus statue no arms

This venus statue no arms is a replica of the classical sculpture of Venus. It is made of marble by our Arturban sculpture foundry. Her figure is dignified and beautiful, her skin is plump, her beautiful oval face, the straight nose bridge of Greek style, the flat forehead and full chin, and her calm face reveal the idealized tradition inherited from the heyday of Greek sculpture art. Her slightly twisted posture makes her half naked body form a very harmonious and beautiful spiral rising posture, full of musical rhythm and great charm.

When the venus statue no arms is in the square, and people stand in front of this beautiful statue, a naked woman, she is full and holy, soft and simple, elegant and noble. Itis enough for people to fall in love with. No matter whether this famous classical sculpture placed in various indoor or outdoor places, its unique beauty will become a landmark, appreciating her beautiful posture and the classical art culture left by the ancient Greek civilization.

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